Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Getting people to Stop and Take Notice

I'm in Lake Tahoe with my family for Christmas break and the other day I took a long ride around the lake, which is astonishingly beautiful, to find a particular ski shop. On the way there I was looking at the beautiful scenery but then something caught my eye - a sign on a small building that said "Living Out Loud". I couldn't help but wonder what that was but I was going about 40 miles per hour and didn't want to slow down on that windy road. I made sure on my way back however to stop and take notice. It was a small company with the sign "Living Out Loud....www.livingoutloud.com". What a cool name for a company! I just loved that!! As soon as I got home I went on to my computer to check it out. To no surprise it is a coaching/motivational company and I am definitely going to look more into them when I return to NJ. This made me stop and think. It is so important to create those "Wow" moments. As busy as I was this Christmas season, I did stop and watch the West Jet Christmas miracle video a few times because I loved it. I stopped and noticed. I actually tear'ed up! If you haven't watched it yet, click here to see it! It also made me think of how many people stopped and took notice and had great conversations with us on the campaign trail this past fall, when Shelly Aberson of ANW Inc in Westfield designed a cool pack of gum with our campaign sign as a cover. If you haven't worked with Shelly you should check out her website at www.anwinc.com. The gum wasn't nearly as expensive as the West Jet video and it certainly wasn't as large as an effort as re-naming a company, but it was impactful. It made people stop and take notice. Now is the time for new strategies, new ideas and new creativity. There's a new year in front of us. A blank slate. Let's come up with at least one stop and take notice initiative.....I am starting to think already of mine!! Happy New Year!!

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