Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to Sell in the Wake of Frugality

This recession has brought on something new to the economy - the potential evolution of long term frugal customers. When it comes to selling your product or solution today, a new strategy must be developed.
1. Rethink Marketing: Because all (or most) customers go to the net first, you need to get savvy with search engine marketing, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter and so on. They will not only engage potential customers but also build a growing digital footprint.
2. Value Message: You need to put much thought into re-crafting your message. There’s an ROI in every decision making process these days so make sure you demonstrate your value proposition from the onset.
3. Customer Feedback: During tough times, your customers may be looking for alternatives. This means you need to communicate more and perhaps even provide enhanced offerings. In fact, this may help increase "word of mouth," which could result in getting more customers. Ask your customers some questions, such as: What do you value the most? What else would you want? This can be extremely valuable in terms of targeting new customers, as well as fine-tuning your marketing.
4. Be Upbeat: In light of the negative media, it's not easy to be positive. But you need to. It's critical for motivating your employees and building confidence with vendors and potential customers. Plus, its infectious and just plain old feels great!!!
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