Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's been alot of Change in 10 years

Yesterday, upon news of the killing of Osama bin Laden, I was one of the few that wasn't jumping up and down with joy. I couldn't really wrap my finger around why I wasn't ecstatic, other than maybe it was my fear for what might happen next as an act of revenge. Maybe those feelings of anxiety out-weighed any feelings of satisfaction. Maybe it was the resurgence of all of those memories that came flooding back from that beautiful September day, when I was 9 months pregnant, still working, and on my way into the city to meet with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield at 2 WTC. Whatever it was, there was a definite somber mood to my day.

And when we experience somber moods, there sometimes comes periods of deep reflection. That was definitely the case for me. After all of the personal reflection of what changed for me in 10 years, I couldn't help but think of all that changed for our Commander in Chief, who 10 years ago was virtually an unknown. In fact, he probably watched the television that beautiful September day, much like the rest of us, hearing all of it's horror broadcast from the cable and news networks. Yet fast forward 10 years, he is the one that ends up catching the guy responsible for the atrocity. The most wanted man in the world is captured and killed on his watch. So I start to think, what did Obama do to get himself from being someone quite ordinary, to the most powerful person in the world. From someone watching the September 11th attacks on TV, to someone being responsible for capturing the mastermind in charge.

I usually leave the subject of change to my partner and friend Maureen Ennis, CEO of ColemanEnnis Consulting, but this time I must talk about it myself. How do we go from ordinary, mediocre and average to leader and master of an extraordinary life? Of course it all starts with a vision. A vision that inspires others. A vision that moves people to passionate action. That's where it starts, but its certainly not where it ends. Execution is often the part that differentiates people with great ideas and dreams, from people that transform from ordinary people to extraordinary leaders and holders of extraordinary lives.

By the way, both Maureen and I have extraordinary lives and we have it by planning strategically and executing to the best of our ability calling in trusted advisors and resources when we need to. We can be your trusted advisors and resource and help you have one too!Here's to great change for the years to come!!