Monday, October 7, 2013

A Compassionate Leader

I just read this great article about being a compassionate leader and if you have the desire to be one, then you should look at your mom. How true! I'm at the age where a lot of my friends have kids in school full time and after years/decades of not working... they have a strong desire to re-enter the work force. Often they find its not that easy and often come to me for advice. This article gives credence to what I've always told them! There is no better career training than being a mom! Who else is better at multi-tasking, focusing on the issues, leading a crowd and getting results, day in and day out. Being a compassionate leader is critical in today's economy because top talent is in demand and employer loyalty is at an all time low. How often have we worked for someone who we would work weekends for....stay late on the friday before Memorial Day for.....take three airplane connections for....just because we didn't want to let them down and wanted to make them proud. Tom Anthony, this means you!! :) Here's the article. Take a quick read and tell me what you think! "Want to be a Compassionate Leader?"

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