Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cruising and Safety Signs

It never occurred to me how many safety label and warning signs there are out in the universe until I spent the last week aboard a cruise with my family. Maybe it was more obvious than before because I've spent the last three months working with the sales force at Clarion Safety Systems out of Milford, Pa. A hazardous warning system is something that we are always, even if perhaps unconsciously, looking out for. It took my 3 kids and 4 nieces and nephew's obsession with falling overboard or getting hurt to realize just how many signs there were all around us attempting to keep us from harm's way.

What signs are there in your organization that are telling you that your sales or marketing efforts aren't working?? There are probably a lot more than your conscious is telling you so. Every time I walked around the deck of the ship this week, I made an affirmation to do something differently yet positively about my life. Make one of those today and call Triple Win Sales ( to help you increase your sales and marketing! 973 635 0177 And for more info on Clarion's safety warning systems contact Derek or Gary today at or

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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