Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Custom Software Applications

The Digital Customer Experience. Everyone needs to design one that keeps their customers coming back. A major component of creating that experience is creating custom software applications. I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight one of my customers - Intraprise - because they do it so well. If big profitable growth is one of your objectives over the next two years, a necessary step is demonstrating your competitive uniqueness by differentiating yourself and providing the ultimate digital customer experience. Intraprise ( is a leader in providing and developing the most complex and challenging custom software applications for its clients. Here are some of the reasons to start developing custom software applications that will enhance your customer’s experience of doing business with you: 1. 85% of all customer interactions are now done on smart phones, i-pads or other mobile devices. 2. Speed and real time information is an expected necessity of all customer interactions. 3. Older software does not capture enough data – data that you need to operate your business more proactively and profitably. 4. The more customer insights you have, the more successful you will be. 5. Automation is the fundamental element of profitable growth. Have a perplexing challenge or need some guidance developing custom software that’s right for you? Let us help! Contact to set up a free brainstorming consultation today.

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  1. Custom software development specialists explore exactly what it is a company does - what the necessities of the company are on a day to day basis and what they need from their IT system in order to operate to their optimum. In order to perform efficient functionality, a company would ideally need its software to do exactly what they want it to.