Monday, March 10, 2014

Three Easy Ways to Build Excellent Rapport

Here are the three easy ways in a nutshell: Be yourself, Be yourself and Be yourself! Authenticity is a one of those words that we read about in books, hear in sales trainings (at least mine!) and use when giving advice. Its when its put into active daily practice that the benefits of adhering to this great way of being really pay off. We are always meeting new people. In business and in life its critical to make that great first impression. Why is it that being your true self is your most important rapport building skill set? Read the three reasons below: 1. Over a year ago, Maureen Ennis and I attended a great leadership summit sponsored by Inc. magazine featuring my old Xerox friend Bill McDermott the current CEO of SAP as keynote. One of the great takeaways from this event was remembering this: Without being authentic, you can never be credible, and without being credible you can't have integrity, and without integrity you can never be a leader. A great leader. One that we aspire to. 2. When you can be yourself in any situation and learn to take yourself not so seriously, you can incorporate self deprecating humor into your conversations. When people are able to laugh at themselves and make themselves more human, people around them instantly feel more comfortable and exude the same confidence. Laughter and comfort are contagious. 3. One of the great things about getting older is that we recognize quickly the kind of people we DON'T want to be around. I don't know about you but I can't take it when people are constantly dishing out "baloney" about themselves or their situation and pontificate endlessly. When you are not worried about putting on airs, you tend to listen more than you speak. Listening...true one of the greatest ways of building true rapport. Its always better to focus on the other person speaking more than the words coming out of your own mouth. What's your best example of being truly authentic? Let us know or reach out to us at

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